Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Life and Times of …….Style88 goes Fantasy Football!

Football season will finally kickoff tonight and the first fantasy decisions have to made! Currently I got three Dynasty leagues going on, so I’ll focus on that format.

To start things off, CJ Spiller was named the starter week 1 for Buffalo. Does that make him a viable starter in Fantasy Football? If you’re weak at the RB position it’s a fairly easy choice. Should he start over the likes of Ahmad Bradshaw or Cadillac Williams? I will most likely roll the dice on Bradshaw, but I will wait till the last moment to do that.

What to do if you have Vincent Jackson on your roster? If he’s your #1 WR it really sucks! A lot of Fantasy owners are in a hurry to get rid of him, but in a dynasty league that’s not a smart move. What in the world can you get for him at this point? Probably not much, so it’s much better to just stack him on your roster and wait for him to come back. Once it’s announced that he will come back, his value will rise significantly and that could be the time to get rid of him if you like to. Pretty much the same reasoning applies to Sidney Rice.

Many people are high on Mendenhall, but I’m not sold….yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good RB for Fantasy Football, but he hasn’t really been consistent in his career. The Steelers will lean on him a lot in the first 4 weeks with Big Ben out. A great moment for him to proof that he has what it takes to be very good Fantasy Back!

The beast on Revis Island is back! The teams in my dynasty leagues play defensive players, but is Revis a good starter? Teams will most likely shy away from wherever Revis is on the field. That will leave him with little chances to get tackles and less opportunities to make an interception. His buddy on the other side, Antonio Cromartie, will be picked on. That makes Mr Daddy-Has-A-Hard-Time-Remembering-His-Kids-Names a more viable player to start than Revis.

The return of Darrelle Revis does have an impact on Fantasy teams as he will be covering the #1 wide receivers from opposing teams. Studs like Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith (Car), Randy Moss and Chad Ochocinco all struggled against Revis. How hard is it to sit one of those players when they face Revis? Very hard if your next best option is Chris Chambers, Braylon Edwards or another unreliable receiver. On the other hand you could check the match-ups of your other receivers and consider benching your #1 option. Me personally wouldn’t do it. I hate to see my top dog suddenly break the rules, ball out and score major points on Revis Island!

Will Reggie Bush finally have a healthy season? Not likely, but he might be out to proof something. They are considering taking his Heisman Trophy from him. It’s true that probably some rules were broken, but stripping his Heisman seems wrong to me. He didn’t do anything to enhance his performances, played at a high level and deserved to get the honors. The fact that he shouldn’t be eligible doesn’t chance what he did on the field. The whole NCAA system is flawed anyway. Back to Fantasy! Like I said, Reggie could come out swinging to show us he deserved his Heisman Trophy and that he’s the great player they projected him to be. That would be great news for Fantasy owners. The downside is that he might try too hard and forces himself which bring him back to his old self as a Fantasy RB – a risk-reward type of player!

That’s it for now, more thoughts on Fantasy Football coming soon!

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