Sunday, March 18, 2007

Boston's finest, Edo G

As you can see in my list of most played son on the right Edo G has been getting a lot spins in the past year. The album My Own Worst Enemy is a couple years old already, but I like that grimey sound of Edo's voice and lyrics over some dope ass Pete Rock beats any day. One of the highlights is defenitely the first track of the album Boston. Some of the dopest lines spit in this Beantown anthem:

"I'm mad lethal never had equal / cus Boston is a great place to meet bad people"

"I'm telling truths and lies like a reverand /fellin love with hiphop at age 11"

"Too many stones unturned stories untold / the plot unfolds when Edo G push the threshold / I rock like Depeche Mode, Hiphop's best ode / Any club I'm in I'm disobeying the dresscode."

One of the guests on this album is Jaysaun, who quite impressed me. Sometimes rather unknown guests seem to be put on as a favour, but this cat really brings it. His delivery and lyrics are nice and complement Edo G quite well. He's featured on Just Call My Name and Pay the Price. As much as I like Diamond D, the track he did on this album, Streets is Calling sounds totally out of place and the beat is absolutely not what I like.
Krumb Snatcha drops some dope lyrics on Stop Dat. After all the grimey street talk Edo G teams up with Masta Ace for a nice mellow consious track, Wishing. I like the versatility it shows, cus rappers using the same topics over and over again bore the hell outta me.
Overall this album is very solid which I rate 4/5.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Fantastic Four

Last night I was in the pub and someone asked me what I did. I said I was a student in journalism and that my main focus was sports. In particular football (I say it once more for the Americans, that means soccer). Before I knew it I had to answer all kind of questions about great teams and players in history of the game. I love these kind of things, not to show but to think back about the greatness of the sport.

One of my favourite topics is the French team of the 80's lead by Michel Platini. They had one of the best midfields ever to play the game with Jean Tigana, Alain Giresse, Luis Fernandez and of course Michel Platini. Tigana and Fernandez could run up and down the field all day, Giresse's left foot and then there were the freekicks, headers, outside shot and brilliant passes of Platini. If you combine that with a strong backline including the enormous Marius Tresor, pacey back Manuel Amoros and a butcher like Maxime Bossis and decent goallies Jean-Luc Ettori and Joel Bats, you know it's hard to beat a team like this. The French strikers of that time were not the greatest in the world, but they had pace which made them extremely dangerous. All four of the midfielders had amazing through passes, so those pacey strikers could be used to the maximum of their abilities. The two strikers with the curly hair, Dominque Rocheteau and Didier Six, were a real threat to the opposition. They had to chose whether they would move into the midfield to close the Fantastic Four down and leave a huge space open behind the defense or keep the that gap to a minimum which led to more free space in midfield. It proved to be a lose-lose situation for most teams facing this faboulus French team.

That were my thoughts and memories of an amazing team. Up next are Holland and Brazil.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Some people don't like to leave their hometown for more than a day and stay within their own small familiar place. For me that's impossible. I was probably born with some sort of travel bug, cus I absolutely love it. One of my favourite cities is Paris. It's full of history, beautiful places to chill out at. I really like to walk around there with my music on disappearing in the masses of a city with millions of people. Walking down the Champs Elyssee with all it's expensive stores and high fashion are interesting if only I had the money to shop there some more.

Instead of shopping I just chill out opposite the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero or on the stairs at the Sacre Coeur and enjoy the view while eating a sweet crepe spread with chocolate or a tuna baquette. There are so many more beautiful sights like the Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles and all along the Seine. I've been to Paris many times and I always seem to enjoy in the same way as before and in a new way. If you've never been there I suggest you'll go there in this lifetime and if you did go there you might share my feelings about this city. If you don't share them it's a damn shame!!


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Friday, March 9, 2007

NFL Rookies

This year in the NFL was great for rookies. So many made a great impact and were really valuable for their team. Devin Hester setting return records and scoring the fastest TD in the Superbowl. Joseph Addai winning the Superbowl in his rookie season and being the only RB to reach a 1,000 yards. Maurice Jones-Drew leading the all rookies in TD's with 16, pretty good for a 5'7 dude. Then there's the Saints with Marques Colston coming outta nowhere with over 1,000 receiving yards and 8 scores. Obviously Reggie Bush made an impact as a versatile back. He led the rookies in reception. Despite the fact that he didn't put up the numbers yet, but his performance showed that in time he will defenitely do that. Patriots RB Laurence Maroney is gonna be an absolute gun for years to come. He shared the load with Corey Dillon who has left the team this off-season, so count on Maroney to become a 1,000 yards/10 TD back. The Titans should be really happy with Vince Young who took command with a couple of good wins once he got the starting role. His 39 yard gamewinning rush was the absolute high point and I bet the Titans will improve in the upcoming years. Matt Leinart had to wait a while to get the job and once he did he showed his potential. The Cards O-line needs a lot of improvement and once that's done that offense is really dangerous.

On the defensive side there was Mark Anderson at the Bears who made a huge impact with 12 sacks and reaching the Superbowl. The Texans second draft pick DeMeco Ryans outshined first overall pick Mario Williams by reaching 2nd place in tackles, with 155. The #1 pick did record 4,5 sacks and 45 tackles, but it still seems a really bad first pick. AJ Hawk (119 tackles) made a big impact for the Packers, so did Kamerion Wimbley (11 sacks) for the Browns and Ernie Sims (124 tackles) for the Lions. The two offensive linemen, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold, picked by the Jets in the first round proved they were very much capable of doing the job at pro-level.

This was just a little recap of a great rookie class which I enjoyed watching. My personal favourites were Marques Colston, Devin Hester and Maurice Jones-Drew (always root for the lil guys!!)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Masta Ace in Groningen

Masta Ace live on stage in Groningen, the Netherland, my home town somewhere in december 2006. There are not that many dope artists coming here so I was really hyped about this show.
Together with Wordsworth, Punchline and Stricklin he formed the supergroup EMC and they were really kicking it here. One of the best shows I ever so.
If you get the chance, check out Stricklin's mixtape sometime.

For more info about Stricklin check out

My Crib

This is the only part of my crib y'all need to see. The rest is a complete mess which only some people will ever see.

Yes, there are single lp's from Milli Vanilli up there. Come on, I was about 9 or 10 when I got them and it's the only vinyl I got.
The monkey can dance his ass off on the Macarena! The last gift my ex gave.

Starting off.....

I finally decided to start one these blog things. Making a website took too much time, but in the future I might do it. My love for sports, hiphop and traveling will be shown if you read this blog or at least you'll notice that most of the writings will be on those topics.

The name of this blog is Style88, which is one of the names I go by and the others I use are DS Style and my real name Daan. Sooner or later you'll figure out why I use those names.

Thats all for now, cus I'm extremely hungry. I already missed breakfast and lunch, so I gotta catch up.

DS Style